Cryptic crossword - The Scotsman 13/10/14

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Monday’s puzzle...


1 Some government leaders can take time to break up society (7-6)

10 Did a high-ranking officer have to take control in the middle of Austerlitz? (9)

11 Place up north where one might find the Spanish spirit (5)

12 Head off on final journey on both sides (7)

13 Senior officer had no alternative but to investigate (7)

14 Would a strong horse be right for a friend down under? (6)

16 Worried about a design getting round (8)

18 Did some soldiers have a register of practical types? (8)

20 Find a champion of non-violence in a king and his men (6)

23 Extract vital element of perfume, in principle (7)

24 Have a suspicion there is no time for ringing (7)

26 Only at the end, talks about one’s personal belongings (5)

27 Used old pilot for managing a lot of securities (9)

28 In a half-term, have to take into account possibility of being rather thoughtless (13)


2 May have to accept grant to give one right of entry (5)

3 Dream up a small periodical, in the end (7)

4 Little boy’s located in backwaters (6)

5 Alliance may spoil right individual for a long time (8)

6 Is held back after school to restrict wrongdoing (5,2)

7 Lamented losing road-race, with ship having moved backwards (9)

8 Can run Escort over European streams, in the main (5,8)

9 Union still in place after popular vote (6,7)

15 Did a foreman on board ship take on country cousins? (9)

17 Tries for a short time to persuade leading seamen (8)

19 Old coins designed by European dramatist (7)

21 Provokes situations likely to bring trouble in the end (4,3)

22 One man in North Pole must be a great hunter (6)

25 Opening, in the main, letting boats gain access (5)