Cryptic Crossword - The Scotsman 12/03/13

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Tuesday’s puzzle...


1 Be unfazed by machines that run on air (3,4,1,4)

8 It’s a great name for a girl! (5)

9 It is, at the end, an evil to us, this affliction (9)

11 Reach certain latitude by way of Baltic country (6)

12 One who went in front to forge ore roughly (8)

14 Dying to provide apartment with insulation (10)

15 Run with girdle (4)

18 Types of bread sound as though they will be baked successfully (4)

19 Lie told about two girls with strong light material for construction (10)

21 International gathering that’s not very friendly (8)

23 I am nonsense when being mischievous (6)

25 Take left instead of right in entry round mine in outstanding way (9)

26 Reporter who isn’t taken with royalty (5)

27 Find an unemployed worker who will be left to do the job in his own way (3,1,4,4)


1 Work out terms so that Aberdeenshire obtained IT to include a leading edge (9)

2 Possible to touch when bleating miserably (8)

3 This country, having been changed and downsized, is now Russia (1,1,1,1)

4 21 people who don’t do woodwork (3-7)

5 Be quick to reprove and bite head off (6)

6 Fashionable to take to including first reading of prologue (5)

7 With a little bit of luck, get quite a lot of money (5,7)

10 The parts rose freely into region of the ozone layer (12)

13 Not in favour of concern for hypothetical particles (10)

16 Ice made at random is extremely thin (9)

17 For example, no man gives one a case of total self-centredness (8)

20 Diagrammatic model of chasm erupting round earth opening (6)

22 Tourists hire vehicle to see county (5)

24 Be first to laud your resonant entertainment on ancient instrument (4)