Cryptic crossword - The Scotsman 11/08/2014

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Monday’s puzzle...


1 Appears, like a moth to the flame (5,2,5)

8 You can tell a nobleman is one to be reckoned with (5)

9 Banish into exile after a sector is destroyed (9)

11 Is it wrong to weep, when making a racket? (6)

12 Felt sorry for a boy left with the last word in front of him (8)

14 Support a Turkish commander with disinformation campaign (10)

15 Fine misty rain in first shower over the Border ... (4)

18 ... and be caught in a rain storm this month (4)

19 Knows Gregory left Europe when easily recognised (10)

21 Control groups using devices to hear music, etc (8)

23 It’s hard to get a ship to the French. In fact, it’s quite a problem (6)

25 It may be hopeless, but crucial, to be foolhardy (9)

26 Deviate into the path of a tornado, without hesitation (5)

27 Put men out with me, only when out of work (12)


1 Is it quite proper to outsource management? (9)

2 Important information on the goods in stock (8)

3 Get into position to run away from the game (4)

4 To get away from the shore is hard, and a bit bizarre (10)

5 I’m taking a long time to get some snapshots (6)

6 Landlord took one in to tackle an elevator (5)

7 Veteran learned to be well-informed (12)

10 Had to send store-men out to get some guarantees (12)

13 Publication on track to uncover evidence of wrong-doing (5,5)

16 Create some change as a temporary expedient (9)

17 Is about to leave with a couple of additives, in response (8)

20 At the end, meets up, with respect (6)

22 Was a clergyman powerless to stop fire-raising (5)

24 Refuse to study, by the end (4)