Cryptic Crossword - The Scotsman 11/04/13

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Thursday’s puzzle...


1 Laid a new gutter arrangement for contamination (12)

8 Small number is expected, initially, to spread rumours (5)

9 Drew together, right away, to be called up (9)

11 Sharpens up, over time, to be true (6)

12 Course of study not fashionable for a pupil (8)

14 Attacks joint with destroyer, in the main (10)

15 For starters, some had old envelope, to hold all the cards (4)

18 Seem to the audience to have rich deposits (4)

19 Instrument used by painter of old composition (10)

21 One working in old province as a resident (8)

23 In the wrong, losing directions, from host (6)

25 Head off soldiers, with 100 coming to grief, by penning them in (9)

26 Is fascinating woman about to be in error? (5)

27 Attend to mixed-up lass in New York (6,6)


1 Line up a date for the disaffected (9)

2 Pick-ups down under carried new flower back in containers (8)

3 Bridles at change of policy on food (4)

4 One trio ends up with new variations (10)

5 Copy over new type of suspended animation (6)

6 Overdressed, although still in bed (3,2)

7 At home, the rest could go either way (2,3,7)

10 Lined up to see in, eg, when designing a motor (6,6)

13 A small power had one helping to reach the target (10)

16 Provided shelter at European dockyard, initially (9)

17 Frequently, he’s in the middle of team, in the main (2,3,3)

20 Commanding officer eager to run into an armed band (6)

22 Understood how diplomacy might capture one (5)

24 Was it wise to move top side to the back, for a long time? (4)