Cryptic crossword - The Scotsman 11/03/2013

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Monday’s puzzle...


1 Did one pounce on composition, at the beginning of a tale? (4,4,1,4)

10 Hit back across a drowned valley, once thought to have poisonous air (7)

11 Among high fashion lovers, a celebrated designer (7)

12 Can get round Henry, but hard to come by (4)

13 Runs properly with top Scottish sprinter (5)

14 Dress up car forced into administration (4)

17 Would a spy manage to get in with north Africans? (9)

19 Catch fish in a corner of an Aberdonian glen (5)

20 Love to get one dressed up in green (5)

22 Give a black spot, with little hesitation, to a prohibitionist (9)

24 Force an old general to beat a retreat (4)

25 Hold a party before having to occupy a brick-built house (5)

27 At last, come out ahead in match (4)

30 In order to correct copyright, have to speed up (7)

31 Warning to soldiers in front of a lady in Rome (7)

32 About to move, heading off sales of carbon copies (13)


2 Set aside good-for-nothing, providing you came first (7)

3 Fawn trapped inside crude trap (4)

4 Find fault with first landing by European aircraft (5)

5 Writers create violent disturbance on board ship (9)

6 Legally, it’s wrong to accept empty receipt (4)

7 Tenor intending to show some sense (7)

8 Take a substance away, pretending to tell the truth (1,6,2,4)

9 Could a maiden enter right away, when all at sea (13)

15 In some haste, electricians have to shore things up (5)

16 About to book a liberal party (5)

18 It was very wicked to have left everything behind (9)

21 Repeat one note at pace (7)

23 Find a unit of force within urban development (3,4)

26 It’s elementary to put graduates in charge (5)

28 Provoke disorder in prison (4)

29 Get fruit for starters, using good local industry (4)