Cryptic crossword - The Scotsman 10/02/2015

Tuesday's puzzle.
Tuesday's puzzle.
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Tuesday’s puzzle...


1 Asked to work less than eight hours, perhaps, including rest, and be mercilessly treated (3,5,6)

9 One from beyond the Hymalaya can overcome second-class mark (7)

10 Swiss city where you may both fritter away and make money, it’s said (7)

11 Mildly salacious show that can be viewed in mirror (4)

12 Loud complaint? No, very weak (5)

13 Relative gives to the French conservation organization (4)

16 South American customary way to make serving of chopped meat etc (7)

17 Collect for the rag (6)

19 Principles of Paris restaurant (6)

22 Fend off over the question of heartbeat (7)

25 Fellows heard to give misleading appearance (4)

26 English queen took heart when coming back with something for dyeing hair (5)

27 Put an end to giving trophies on retirement (4)

30 Most innocent running about in a vest (7)

31 Soda pie turned out to be fatty (7)

32 Find a way to understand this goal and then tie down (3,1,6,2,2)


1 Confine mail to one side of entrance (8)

2 Bill is not expensive, we hear, for posed scene (7)

3 Shut out of sheds (4)

4 Go wild about event that’s even cheaper than 2, by the sound of it (3,4)

5 and 6 Persuading people that winner will be auctioned here, but ... (7,4)

7 ... it’s a lot of money to pay to buy Danny Boy, say (7)

8 Ingredient of Pope’s top Italian sauce (5)

14 Is it possible to establish identity of dog-like creature? (5)

15 Puts up a dome in the Buddhist tradition (5)

18 Thickly piled material was very emotionally affecting (8)

20 Amenity that can be replaced whenever you want (3,4)

21 Inspect rainbow showing internal ranges of radiation (7)

22 and 29 Common people are in line with documents (4,3,4)

23 Disappoint expectations to make garment longer (3,4)

24 Suffering on a drive to the Big Apple (5)

28 Very big girl, and first class (4)

29 See 22

Monday’s solution:

Across: Farmed Out, Pep Up, Aspects, Asserts, Equip, Replenish, Spend, Albatross, Deposited, Aware, Troopship, Ichor, Valises, Eminent, Samba, Endangers

Down: Frame, Sedatives, Rapture, Problem, Escapes, Pasta, Observant, Haste, Tramp, Bedspread, Paste, Tradition, Portico, Achieve, Post-Haste, Rites