Cryptic crossword - The Scotsman 09/10/14

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Thursday’s puzzle...


Wednesday's solution

Wednesday's solution

1 Difficult first foray should be closely contested (4-6)

6 Was a wounding remark aimed at a local boy? (4)

10 Is about to line up in order to make amends (7)

11 A little child can finish counting by adding up (7)

12 Directs the Foreign Office to initiate reaction to summons (5,3)

13 A spiritual home for a couple of Poles in the outskirts of Melrose (5)

15 Take responsibility for suspect venture, as appropriate (6)

17 Have a protected border around the Aberdeen area (8)

19 Will advocate continue to shore up support? (8)

21 Understand catch phrase may go up and down (6)

24 Sound critique of a musical show (5)

25 Broadcast argument in support of appeal (8)

28 It was obvious I’d have to enter a competition (7)

29 Have to eat rump cooked up deep-fried in batter (7)

30 The right and proper time for a musical performance (4)

31 Some leaders may keep a news in captivity (10)


1 Suffering abuse taking in role of Prince Charming (4)

2 Makes good, so can recover small final payments (7)

3 Applied to move first lieutenant down into a parade ground (5)

4 Feeling insecure, Peter went after upper-class names, at first (6)

5 Cover up manoeuvre with great success on the pitch (3-5)

7 A little girl got first refusal in French city (7)

8 Could be quite overwhelmed if sunk in marshy ground (6,4)

9 Squashed, at the end, by a herd’s panic-stricken, sudden rush (8)

14 Pound away at the nose of a shark (10)

16 Teamed up right away, so carried weight (8)

18 Make short work of a little girl‘s garden plot (8)

20 Was Bill in good condition for choir practice? (2,5)

22 Forced US to limit incentives (7)

23 Hate to look over two different articles (6)

26 Left one US institute at the border (5)

27 Draw together some graduates before first seminar (4)