Cryptic crossword - The Scotsman 09/07/15

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Thursday’s puzzle


Wednesday's solution

Wednesday's solution

1 Prepare a man of the cloth to take the lead at Westminster (5,8

10 Honest salesman got turn on board (9)

11 Left legendary ship at a very slow tempo (5)

12 May be well-qualified to earn merit (7)

13 In a mud-hat, hearth ended up made of clay (7)

14 In fact, axiom could be a cliché or platitude (6)

16 Guide one, for example, back into the lower deck (8)

18 Converse with a colleague, on location (8)

20 Standard symbol used to mark character (6)

23 Hear it for a parish priest getting pat on the back (7)

24 Always have to follow new Premier team in England (7)

26 Ring up over one type of flowering plant (5)

27 May be out of place in an away fixture (3,2,4)

28 Have some comprehensive representations of adverse factors (5-8)


2 Knows the score on how to secure small cables (5)

3 Works on blossoms, so reaches their full value (7)

4 Crowded into lodging after some hoodlums (6)

5 Wanted to have one deed drawn up, at last (6,2)

6 Go all out to spend lavishly on a shopping spree (7)

7 Need black ground first before everyone could find an edible fungus (9)

8 By convention, band together as a matter of course (13)

9 Cancelled the management of mounted dancer (13)

15 Looked down on undesirable in bad odour (9)

17 Did small bands of brothers have depression as undergraduates? (8)

19 Take bearings on views from building-sites (7)

21 Did Mae stir up other eminent conductors? (7)

22 Raging bully, with no alternative, ended up in charge (6)

25 Point to Norse god, in the end (5)