Cryptic Crossword - The Scotsman 09/05/13

Grid: Hugh Johnson
Grid: Hugh Johnson
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Thursday’s puzzle...


Yesterday's solution

Yesterday's solution

8 Is clearing up wall-to-wall (8)

9 Boats go right over current units (6)

10 Manages to energise US soldier leaving quite at ease (6)

11 Pull a fast one, but it’s wrong to feel remorse (8)

12 Is it hard to leave a porter with a drug-taker? (4)

13 Doctor may make things better, in advance (10)

15 Persist with time-out at mine, to create a play area (4-3)

17 Is present when top team cares for ministers (7)

20 Scientist arranged star and moon, with little hesitation (10)

22 Inadequate leaders pull out old reserves (4)

24 Revealing famous Archer story (8)

26 Curer lost a lot, taking some time for him to feed the flames (6)

27 Wrote about a passage round the north-east (6)

28 Key support for design of framework (8)


1 They have to recognise society embracing the Queen (6)

2 Advised against having to arrest left-winger (8)

3 Delivery of additive in a state of equipoise (10)

4 Passed over an outlying region by day (7)

5 Turn away from porter, on the rebound (4)

6 Sledge made for fashion model (6)

7 Chose to take a long time, having performed in a theatre (8)

14 May be a bit selfish, but is intent on return for boy (10)

16 Wanders out East, but came back


18 Checked out old flame, having studied on line (8)

19 It’s great to have one man leading others to the heart of the desert (7)

21 Main decision gaining a judicial opinion (6)

23 Did old engineer, by chance, have a small leopard? (6)

25 Take an axe, we’re told, to supplements (4)