Cryptic crossword - The Scotsman 06/10/2014

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Monday’s puzzle...


1 Given the right openings, would one troop unite over small power? (13)

10 Upset invalid in a delicate condition (7)

11 Did the water sports expert make an appearance? (7)

12 Aims to finish off with small remnants (4)

13 Having to get rid of small growths could turn out to be the final indignity (5)

14 Long to get through the gap, in effect (4)

17 Reading about new group, initially, looking after the plants (9)

19 Not put back in charge of stimulant (5)

20 Must take note, in a bit of a rush (5)

22 As usual, small scales must be the yardsticks (9)

24 Think no American has any common sense (4)

25 Wear away a small street, going in different directions (5)

27 Turn in the middle of a meeting, in case (4)

30 To be honest, simple material is essential (7)

31 Is determined to sound positive, in particular (7)

32 Straightened out One Direction, about to have the last word (13)


2 Might a slow worker have to record over stranger? (7)

3 Leading off regular broadcast series in some circles (4)

4 Doctor in local health centre, at last (5)

5 About to be lost again, suffering from homesickness (9)

6 Volunteers, at right time, cutting pastry (4)

7 May cut off connection, at first, with pleasure (7)

8 Confirming improvement in military force, in good order (13)

9 What are the consequences of bearing fruit second in harvests? (13)

15 At some time, Leeds will see some fisticuffs (5)

16 Work hard to research internal partition, by the end (5)

18 Were new details left out when one was introduced? (9)

21 Scots stick to the French after outburst (7)

23 Cancel time-out, at the end, in order to backtrack (7)

26 Have little time to perform with one; it’s understood (5)

28 Right second violin got into a musical group (4)

29 Vivacity on display at top Brazilian city, in short (4)