Cryptic Crossword - The Scotsman 05/08/13

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Monday’s puzzle...


1 Demonstration in support of trial over 31 days (7,5)

9 Course of treatment for some soldiers who had lost time (7)

10 Is able to reproduce small savoury snacks (7)

11 Start to fill in the French dossier (4)

12 Hidden store of a drug found in a chest, as he left it (5)

13 He built a dyke before old fellows had one (4)

16 Lie about rare construction, in advance (7)

17 Elevated car can go round with her in Paris (7)

18 Appears to stumble on top secret issues (7)

21 Lopping off sharp piece of a plant (7)

23 One and all in a teaching union, in particular (4)

24 For second time, remove narrow piece of land (5)

25 Still calm and serene, at the end of the day (4)

28 Wrap up rich Greek cheese in glossy fabric (7)

29 Did senior academic, in short, object to top student’s rewards? (7)

30 A short space developed over time could turn into disasters (12)


2 Ordinary soldier in traditional uniform (7)

3 Did an optometrist devour a large volume? (4)

4 US politician involved in treason (7)

5 One who gets his hands dirty with compost, is at fault (5,2)

6 Managed to keep first position (4)

7 Looking forward to, with confidence, nearly all complete (7)

8 In European country, factors, act as middlemen in house sales (6,6)

9 Men have to rest up, getting new snacks (12)

14 Popular cook had to come back when she was unwell (5)

15 Pointed to a deep divide, at the end (5)

19 Keep still when becalmed in the main (7)

20 Initially, set a snare to catch top Siamese governors, in the past (7)

21 Was Shearer a fast mover at sea? (7)

22 Bill is fit to sing well (2,5)

26 Mark left on car from the last accident (4)

27 Start to parade round politician in procession (4)