Cryptic crossword - The Scotsman 05/03/15

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Thursday’s puzzle


Wednesday's solution

Wednesday's solution

1 Deal with me over the counter, and leave a block on traffic (5,7)

9 In ancient Rome, well sited to gain an advantage (7)

10 Find a crescent-shaped ornament left inside an old pear-shaped instrument (7)

11 As a matter of fact, boring event was wide open (4)

12 Little girl in an empty city had to be quite shrewd (5)

13 Turn left, by degree to get a winner’s medal (4)

16 Certainly, will have no hesitation (2,5)

17 Always get to follow new team down south (7)

18 Hector might threaten to show off in a storm (7)

21 Hold a girl from South American country under scrutiny (7)

23 At the start, left out under duress. It’s earsplitting (4)

24 A precious stone may sometimes appear lacklustre (5)

25 Small horse may come to a hidden obstacle (4)

28 Would coach teach discipline by experience? (7)

29 Although on top by entitlement, is quite trustworthy (7)

30 Is behind on points in the ring, so doomed to fail (6,6)


2 Brought back Frenchman to get married (7)

3 Initial data expected for tabulation was rather 12 across (4)

4 Dig out a passage from an old stretch of land (7)

5 May settle match, yet keep 29 down (7)

6 The whole notion of status is offensive (4)

7 The wrong mail addressed to a remote settlement (7)

8 First clue devised for an influential member of society (7,5)

9 Dubious suspect was unconvincing, so out of the question (6,6)

14 Leaves the game when the sides are equal (5)

15 Was made aware of a sound stock of cattle (5)

19 Something else is rare, and few and far between (7)

20 Read about one going to expensive school (7)

21 Did Bert turn up, and run in to make a scene? (7)

22 Opposite directions for young lady in west Africa (7)

26 Top sherpa follows 11 across into mountain passes (4)

27 Worry about a fellow about to begin (4)