Cryptic crossword - The Scotsman 04/12/14

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Thursday’s puzzle


Wednesday's solution

Wednesday's solution

1 Might Pete and Ian close up, unable to keep their temper (4,8)

9 Is about to get back a new whole number, at first (7)

10 To tag along with Virginia could be agony (7)

11 Can leave a spell, to slip up on a jaunt (4)

12 Guarantee, right away, to come next (5)

13 Left old ship at a standstill (4)

16 Is about to let property go for free (7)

17 Hold on, at last, certain son will go on to the end (7)

18 It’s pressing, but still in good order, at the end of the day (7)

21 Spur me on about Europe being dominant (7)

23 Hint that Greek character might be under suspicion (4)

24 Work out why doctor took on a couple of trainees (5)

25 Get information from all quarters of the globe (4)

28 A place of entertainment; have a little time in there (7)

29 It’s hard to leave waste at a party, but it could bear fruit (7)

30 Portray the model-girl, but don’t lie about it (4,3,5)


2 Overhearing one’s involved in litigation (2,5)

3 Gain an advantage in a close race in Sedgefield (4)

4 Prepare to run through a stretch of open country (7)

5 One had turned out to poke one’s nose in (7)

6 Someone attracted others, in good order (4)

7 Captivate two little girls at an ancient city (7)

8 A first lieutenant left orders to leave when everything’s ready for (3,7,2)

9 It retained me when about to arbitrate (12)

14 To have graduates in charge could be vital (5)

15 Have only a day to decide to take over (5)

19 Ask for an introduction, cut short at the end (7)

20 Hand back cast-off, having intended to do without a dress (7)

21 Qualify to get a good bit of reclamation (7)

22 Worker on the last leg could be quite refined (7)

26 Some may get along; and the rest (2,2)

27 Those who are hard up see kitty change hands (4)