Cryptic crossword - The Scotsman 04/12/12

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Tuesday’s puzzle...


1. Money thrown about at one with forbearance (8)

5. Drink that seems at first to be useful (6)

9. When all’s said and done, in a way, they restrict breathing (8)

10. A Microsoft man collects semi-precious stones (6)

12 and 13. Create the liklihood of place to act at the theatre (3,3,5)

16. Built around a concept of the sea (6)

17. Be a recidivist concerned with dubious aim (8)

20. There are parasites present, according to dissenters (8)

21. It’s gory to see inside corpse (6)

23 and 25. In passing a great distance, go around article (5,3,3)

28. Possibly eating Moroccan dish (6)

30. Turn at reception by habit (6)

31. Cultural propaganda giving support to someone despicable (8)


1 and 2. Couple said to pine, perhaps, for where a partridge may be found (4,4)

3. Running away to work in an environment of chemical substance (9)

4. Trainees about to get dates mixed up (6)

6. Scottish food I take out to where peat’s being dug (5)

7. Dislike and neglect (3,4,3)

8. Yes, yes, drat wretched past (10)

11. It works both ways for men and wmoen (5)

14. Praying, perhaps, when just about to get married (2,3,5)

15. Nothing to be afraid of in this material for overcoats (10)

18. Quarrel about first two letters makes one split one’s sides (4,5)

19. Costs are blown up for countrymen (5)

22. Open anguish revealed in Malaysian state (6)

24. Spotted hunter no longer in charge of native (5)

26. The French have a right to a king (4)

27. Warning sound made by buzzer with last gasp (4)

Monday’s solution

Across: Steeplechaase, Knights, Impulsive, Oats, Corps, Apse, Theatre, Raiment, Enlarge, Panache, Clog, Scale, Wave, Riotous, Thrusts, Transference

Down: Know the score, Thistle, Lookout, Echo, Storm, Rota, Lissome, Excuses, Clipper, Palette, Alps, Signs, True, Eclipse, Classic, Nevertheless