Cryptic crossword - The Scotsman 04/05/15

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Monday’s puzzle


1 Use two different instruments for dances in the main (9)

6 Work one’s way up in first-class branch (5)

9 One working left a supply of food, to get round stipulation (7)

10 Posers may find hidden meanings in conundrums (7)

11 With first dress in demand, added one Indian garment (5)

12 Star to dole moneys up, using a nom de plume (9)

13 Did barren desert deteriorate through wear and tear? (5)

14 Old printer, in short, had one good book for constituent (9)

17 Supplies girls, and writers, on first Easter Sunday (9)

19 We’re told 10 and 50 in ancient Rome add up to eclipse (5)

21 Detailed agreement at artistic institute on musical instrument (9)

24 Sound stock put aside for the multitude (5)

26 Would rough punk take me out at last? (7)

27 Did mascots take a penalty to score first? (7)

28 Transgression could be a mistake, or a misunderstanding (5)

29 New PE hour arranged, but at which point (9)


1 Looked forward to having a dance with a little boy (5)

2 Next Olympic venue, to American, seems quite disorganised (7)

3 Have right to benefit from immunity, so given carte blanche (9)

4 Turn away from syllabus, having Great Expectations (9)

5 Used up the last piece of leather (5)

6 Having little trust from the man in the street about one being made public (5)

7 That’s accepting many people are quite prodigious (7)

8 At foundation, came across a length of copper, lead, zinc, etc (4,5)

13 Who used to get round composition by English crime writer? (9)

15 Did motorway services, initially, contrive to make a hash of things? (9)

16 Start to get hot ahead of English runner offering hospitality to all and sundry (4,5)

18 Did forward attack, right at the end, taking action (7)

20 Hammer things out at university, having to share out the spoils (5,2)

22 Head off earlier to find a sea-snail (5)

23 Is keen to follow, at the end, under someone’s control (2,3)

25 In business, one’s sent to a city in the Ruhr (5)