Cryptic crossword - The Scotsman 03/09/15

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Thursday’s puzzle


Wednesday's solution

Wednesday's solution

1 Managed to get old duties left out in a lonely place (8)

5 Brother led a new church section (6)

10 Acquire knowledge when sure to follow (9)

11 Sends off for appointments in stations (5)

12 Men gad about all over Europe in the final stage (7)

13 Detailed, by accident, when in the dark (7)

14 Was obliged to be accountable (8)

17 Is very keen, for example, to get a bit of hesitation (5)

19 Rugby players support small structures, at some stage (5)

21 Play to the gallery, with snake at last on display (8)

24 Soldier in uniform, as a matter-of-fact (7)

25 Old fellow came back lower down to run aground (7)

27 Generally, the basis of the decimal system (5)

28 A daft set’s forced to be resolute (9)

29 A swift fleet appeared without warning (6)

30 Harden the heart by the end of novel (8)


1 Got off the hook, but had to resort to left-winger (6)

2 Left you, we hear, with detectives. It’s quite understandable (5)

3 To the Navy, a party might stir up a storm (7)

4 Did a doctor have to take a gym class as cover? (5)

6 About to get a job to fill a vacancy (7)

7 Gains a lot, in a way, from remembering the past (9)

8 Find a place to stay, on track to another (8)

9 Insinuation that old nun had to dine out on (8)

15 At the end, want a boy to be stretched (9)

16 Anguish of girl with small locks (8)

18 Press on with promises to pay, although they are fraudulent (8)

20 May be still calm; and the rest (7)

22 To back pound to get lower could be a mistake (7)

23 Twist and turn in order to correspond with Henry (6)

25 Gets an impression that touches the senses (5)

26 Channel the first drop – and again (5)