Cryptic Crossword - The Scotsman 02/09/13

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Monday’s puzzle...


1 Cloth in tapered design was made beforehand (13)

10 Step in to grow new vine on tree (9)

11 Close relative didn’t take a run to the pawnbroker (5)

12 In the firm’s time, turn me into fancy dress (7)

13 Influences the main story, off-line (5,2)

14 Get close to having empty chest to hold some honey (6)

16 Appreciated having a high opinion of the boss, on paper (8)

18 Developed nice herd to be set up for life (8)

20 Did man lead girl right, in a way? (6)

23 Some caretakers put forward small pilot boats (7)

24 Instrument placed in radio-car, in a box (7)

26 Would result of strike come to mind? (5)

27 Found the source at a final lecture (9)

28 Stars appear in front of simple stage, initially (7,6)


2 Artist set up payments for local taxes once (5)

3 To get a recipe blueprint, have to turn to US city (7)

4 Contrived to get brother married, accepting fiancee at last (6)

5 Have a notion to record a perfectionist (8)

6 Turn into a delta, forced to become flatter (7)

7 Did the officers collecting tax on whisky cut off some of the workers? (9)

8 First man is generating a false impression (13)

9 Did a top performer take note of incoming wave? (6-7)

15 Put on record story, having established the French came last (9)

17 One post organised for a little stirrer (8)

19 Encouraged two revolutionaries to take on Europe (7)

21 Declining, like a club in first game (7)

22 Was a left-winger first to leave an informal party? (6)

25 Throwing paint around, like a bull in a china shop (5)