Cryptic crossword - The Scotsman 02/04/15

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Thursday’s puzzle


Wednesday's solution

Wednesday's solution

1 Are some forces displeased with an award for valour? (8,5)

10 One stable turns out eleven with good skills (9)

11 Pass into decline in a long recess (5)

12 Search thoroughly, in the end, for a harvester (7)

13 Passes on information about anchorages (7)

14 A greater number may get along with the right team spirit (6)

16 Georgia walked out on a group of deputies, leading to cancellation (8)

18 Get a mention or organisation needed to invest (8)

20 When in the same boat, he named a Greek goddess (6)

23 Did a pilot follow a Roman road to the final tour? (7)

24 Aimed to praise up open day (7)

26 Wife left a shipyard worker for his superior (5)

27 Too many pour out into outlying estates (9)

28 For a long time inside, supply acceleration (13)


2 Man followed one early dialect expression (5)

3 Beginning to put one’s mark on the drawing-board (7)

4 Wait for a newly-wed to run away with first sweetheart (6)

5 Wanting to take control from the day before (8)

6 About to get 11 across to move backwards (7)

7 After excellent volume, is expected to start in the driver’s seat (9)

8 Did a centre match up to a surrounding region? (9,4)

9 One man lends out US city to revered statesman (6,7)

15 Is about to take nanny to get a deposit (9)

17 Begin to take a leading role ahead of a swell chap (5,3)

19 Innate talent unaffected by uncultivated material (7)

21 Have specimen ready to convert script into print (4-3)

22 Did a home-help have easy start to her profession? (6)

25 Open with right hand in old money, commonly (5)