Cryptic crossword - The Scotsman 02/03/15

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Monday’s puzzle


8 Disturb leading university next, by having to pay up (8)

9 Did a spin-doctor get to name a particle? (6)

10 In ancient Rome, a man had 24 hours, in short, to display morality (6)

11 Top French resort draws on subtle distinctions (8)

12 By wading through the Tweed, get to the Border (4)

13 Old lions mope about, and keep to themselves (10)

15 To refuse to take part may well be a black mark (7)

17 Teaching to order, in principle (7)

20 Fights hard to get one last drop in a vessel (10)

22 It should be simple to get into a vintage As You Like It production (4)

24 Prophet was able to get round principal hunter (8)

26 Share out some of the operational duties (6)

27 Back down if about to lean to one side (6)

28 Come across a record surplus (8)


1 Is free to relax, so can calm down (6)

2 Stole some unpopular venture capital (8)

3 Current policy seems to be to make things more efficient (10)

4 Is inclined to be rather slim, and in good order (7)

5 Saga of the leading European parties in charge, at the end (4)

6 Left a leading light at the entrance (6)

7 May take in drink, but keeps it under wraps (6,2)

14 Hit back at a sherpa upset by rendition (10)

16 Have to strengthen the French model’s bangle (8)

18 Caught 26 across having little energy in production (8)

19 Had to get a cleaner at short notice by the end. It’s a travesty (7)

21 Had little time at hospital to study the story line (6)

23 Tell tales on one leaving with provisions (6)

25 Can’t stand being out of cash, a teller admitted (4) )