Cryptic crossword - The Scotsman 02/01/14

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Thursday’s puzzle...


1 Condensed a honey-flavoured drink, in a nutshell (5,3,5)

10 Beginning of working arrangement when making a film (5)

11 Did a recluse need patience for a game? (9)

12 Black tree growing in glen around a city (5,4)

13 Took on one revolutionary at hospital, at the start (5)

14 For a limited period, object to European insect (7)

16 Polish hammer going back into a firearm (7)

18 Did a graduate clean up the remainder? (7)

20 Member of special forces, in short, took so long to make a sun-shade (7)

21 Persuades ancient city, say, over security, initially (5)

23 Planning to end up with GIs, in good order (9)

25 Have to negotiate with referee to get sandwich (9)

26 Did crook wind up with flight of fancy? (5)

27 A day to take a risk with a few who are enterprising (13)


2 Virgin caught out with some expedition (5)

3 Enter into management, with reservation (9)

4 Hard for strict firm to be upright (7)

5 With runner having permit, second scratches (7)

6 Stand guard with a top table in front of church (5)

7 Go, first of all, into Middle East states, so relocates there (9)

8 Miss a boxing match, at one time, but put it all behind you (6,5,2)

9 Clues follow top performers in the field (7,6)

15 Led great organisation, with energy, although demoted (9)

17 Sets aside a small relative with ways to get in (9)

19 Finish up with a majority at the farthest point (7)

20 Did a French chemist create compound at ancient city? (7)

22 Schools begin to encourage sudden increase of power (5)

24 One day, small Celtic area had its own language (5)