Cryptic crossword - The Scotsman 01/07/13

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Monday’s puzzle...


1 For lack of anything better to do, force a toff to come last (5,2,4)

9 About to get away, of course (5)

10 Will they need coaches to prepare for matches? (8)

12 Praised management on trial (7)

13 Little girl’s having to wait to fill out a bit (7)

14 The opening ceremony was a bit hackneyed (5)

15 Propose to get acquainted with pioneer (9)

18 Director, or a singer, may be upset (9)

20 Rings up everyone in the middle of a class (5)

21 Need to change, or form a new attachment (7)

24 Has to match up to the Morning Star (7)

25 Celebration for a Hearts fan, about to collapse, in the end (8)

26 Too fat to get into ceremonial robes, even now (5)

27 Bill seemed hard, although about to be decorated (11)


2 In fact, a writer, at ease, may go over the same ground again (7)

3 Strike, or fail to strike; it could be either way (3,2,4)

4 Present trophy to a body of guards (5)

5 Needs to go along with workers, to the end (5,2)

6 At liberty to join in popular German lessons (5)

7 Handed down stock, in general (11)

8 Taking a shot in the dark with one’s guns, for example, going off (8)

11 The Opposition, at short notice, changes with expressions of hesitation ... (11)

16 ... and delights, with little hesitation, in exciting stories (9)

17 Promoted at college, having copied the answers (8)

19 Revealed that a dignitary could not manage (7)

20 Only 100 turned up in church in a storm (7)

22 Put on the alert, like a soldier, in the main (5)

23 Run over mountain range in the country (5)