Cryptic crossword - 30/07/15 The Scotsman

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Thursday’s puzzle


1 A little boy dragged through the mud sat on the fence (9)

6 Subdued light from a single ampere (5)

9 Mature right away, but make a mistake in print (7)

10 Could be more inquisitive about one making more of a racket (7)

11 Copy right way to come to the point (5)

12 In short, German veneer turned out to be unfading (9)

13 Went on horseback to get round a Wild West show (5)

14 When working with old retreat, perform comeback all alone ... (2,4,3)

17 ... and working together to make music (2,7)

19 Clubs can get round in small vessels (5)

21 Did fellow line up to grab something easily broken? (9)

24 Find a flowering plant in compost, or pine needles (5)

26 Wanting bankrupt to be insolvent would be devastating (7)

27 Told to arrange things by the boss, on paper (7)

28 Although below par, scored well of course (5)

29 Make allowance to exonerate African party, by the end (9)


1 On the lookout for something to drink, right at the end (5)

2 Barely managed, having fought for it lacking power (7)

3 Was in imitation of no-one, losing time finally, late in the day (9)

4 Did a first officer give priority to looking after himself? (6,3)

5 Concentrated on one’s studies at the end (5)

6 Proceeding to turn out in good order (5)

7 Having to clear manifest is understandable (7)

8 Reads about main ingredients used to season meat, etc (9)

13 Has to control troops in order to strengthen them (9)

15 Working to get some benefit although unemployed (2,3,4)

16 Bride more upset when having to stretch (9)

18 Longing to move top recipe up when cutting up a roast (7)

20 Coming up short, in the end, when searching for effective pain-killer (7)

22 Would sound right in a Cabinet Minister (5)

23 Surely it’s elementary to put graduates in charge (5)

25 Prompt head girl to join in, having nothing on (5)