Crpytic crossword - The Scotsman 04/02/2013

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Monday’s puzzle...


1 Did U-turn by leader turn him into a traitor? (6,6)

9 Can start off late with one man, when in the mood (7)

10 Was prior noble? That’s right (7)

11 Place of privilege for some of the top bracket only (4)

12 At last, find top form in a line (5)

13 Inform old Bill at the end of 7 down (4)

16 Was aware that a sovereign had to get present (7)

17 Promised to marry up when in employment (7)

18 Even a short period cut short could be more uniform (7)

21 Copper in safer organisation, on the level (7)

23 Finished off with a few cover drives (4)

24 Puzzle over remains of base in campaign (5)

25 Very old about to get small measure, in range (4)

28 Tackle old revolutionary facing new galley (7)

29 Although about to fast on Sunday, changes one’s mind (7)

30 Modest aid, etc, arranged for those who need to be tamed (12)


2 Flower of ordinary soldiers in old company (7)

3 Splendid Scots women follow some support (4)

4 Is quite smooth in first gear, at the end of the day (7)

5 Raise two-thirds of a team, and took it all in (7)

6 May have to see about traditional learning (4)

7 Producing some dried fruit in front of the head gardener (7)

8 Would a singer need time off with players, at some stage? (12)

9 Office worker, along with old fellow, is employed to look after building operations (5,2,5)

14 Broadcasts over time from different directions (5)

15 Would a child’s pony run round a bit of bother? (5)

19 Warned about putting drink right in front of little boy (7)

20 Some on board can be in tatters (7)

21 A Greek character is in eastern dress designed by a Japanese warrior (7)

22 Have a ball with a first violin, if making progress (7)

26 At last, stitch up other people ... (4)

27 ... while overture may suit some people, apparently (4)