Councillor launches blog in north east language of Doric

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A Moray Council convener has launched a Doric-inspired blog in which he plans to detail the lighter side of his work in the north-east language.

Councillor Stewart Cree has introduced a bit of the north-east language onto the site with the launch of his personal blog.

Called “Yes Convener”, the unique blog will be his personal reflections on issues of the day, from budgets to wheelie bins, delivered in a light-hearted manner.

It will be peppered with the words and phrases of the “Mither Tongue” with which he has been familiar since boyhood in his native Keith.

His first blog was posted on Friday and others will follow as and when he feels inspired.

He stressed that it would not be just a dry report on council matters though.

The convener added: “I thought it would be good to introduce a little more light-heartedness to what is a serious business.

“We are faced with difficult times and decisions, and we will deal with them, but there should always be some room for levity, a little humour. I think it defines us as a culture.

“People who know me I think would expect me to speak in this dialect and if I’m having a personal conversation – even online like this – I think it’s more honest in this style.

“There is a facility for folk to respond too and I hope to hear from them.

“As a council we are committed to engaging more with the people we represent and this is just one way of doing just that.”

The blog can be accessed from the council’s main website at or direct at