Cosy up with a couples' treatment day at the Caledonian

THERE are few better ways to spend a Valentine's Day weekend than in the luxury of the Caledonian in Edinburgh city centre


The treatment

A Valentine’s Day couples’ treatment, £240 per couple, available until the end of February at the Guerlain Spa at The Caledonian hotel, Edinburgh. It includes a Caledonian Chic Massage, spa access (swimming pool, sauna, Jacuzzi and gym, amongst other things), a glass of bubbly and chocolates.

Why go?

You’re all stressed out about what to get each other for Valentine’s Day. Chill out and do this instead.

Our spy says

It’s lucky my other half isn’t the jealous type, as I can’t help asking our therapists, Sammy and Lynn, questions about Arnold Schwarzenegger, who was a guest at this hotel last month. No gossip, sadly, as they’re way too professional (but it doesn’t sound like they got to massage his considerable deltoids).

Still, I’m not really into muscle bound hunks. I’m happy to spend time with my spindly husband. We’ve both had our fragrance journey, which involves choosing a perfume to spray in the treatment room. I go for the mandarin tinged Aqua Allegoria Mandarine Basilic and he chooses the woody L’Instant de Guerlain Pour Homme. (Essentially, you’re wandering around in a cloud of cologne throughout your visit). Now we’re getting our feet scrubbed and bathed, side by side in the pedicure area, clad in duvet-like robes.

Into flip-flops and along the corridor to the Duo Room. We lie face down, side by side, on adjacent therapy beds for the Caledonian Chic Massage – a signature treatment at this spa. It has a focus on stretching and lengthening, and my therapist Sammy rolls her knuckles along my back, and works along the back of my legs to my feet.

Onto our backs, and the process is repeated on the front of our legs, arms and shoulders. Sammy slides one hand all the way down my back and up again, and I feel like a sock being pulled inside out, in a good way. The front of my legs are rubbed, and the bones in my feet are splayed like a flamenco fan. This feels great.

I think my beau likes the ministrations from Lynn too, as I can hear him lightly snoring. Afterwards, we’re decanted into the relaxation room with a very large glass of prosecco and some chocolates, as well as Japanese rice crackers, nuts and dried fruit, to munch.

The results

It’s nice to have someone to go home and flop with. Just make sure to get some ready meals in, because neither of you is going to be in the mood for cooking or washing up after your visit to this spa.