Comedy Review: Laurence Clark - Spastic Fantastic!


LAURENCE Clark has a Powerpoint and he's not afraid to use it. A fair chunk of the show is the same as last year's, but then it was very good last year; this year he has taken it all further . He is out to "reclaim the word spastic". The Domestic Powerpoint demonstrations are still very funny, as is the 21st-century way to win an argument with the wife.

Clark was lauded last year for "raising awareness", he tells us, but he hates the concept of "awareness", it being so passive. Clark is anything but. His charity collection boxes always fill up, no matter how appalling the cause. He has researched US products with names you wouldn't believe, and his run-in with David Cameron and his Heather Mills campaign are close to the bone and very funny. Best of all is his South Bank boy band, which makes Chris Morris look lightweight. Dangerously funny.

Until 24 August. Today 4:45pm.