Comedy: Axis of Awesome Comeback Spectacular


FOR a band who claim to have been together since 1968, the Axis of Awesome are looking incredibly good. The show kicks off with their support act, Polish boyband 3Sum. You'll be as thrilled as I was that they played their hit single Surprise Sex. I don't know how long 3Sum have been together, but with their fab choreography, the guys move as one on that stage (one what, you can decide for yourself).

The Axis then take the stage and tear the place apart (well, move the keyboard back a little and push the curtain to the side) with their legendary track Moderately Rock and Roll. And the lyrics of this rock anthem are all true, people: apparently they do have a drumkit and they choose not to use it.

The guys then rattle through some of the tracks that made them what they are over the last 40 years: their James Bond Theme The Man With the Lazy Eye and the iconic Learning Songs as well as the soft drink-related number they are contractually obliged to have in the show (it's all Lee's fault).

The three – Lee Naimo (guitar and triangle), Benny Davis (keyboard and vocals) and Jordan Raskopoulos (lead vocals and plastic bird thingy) are talented, funny Aussies who pitch the Axis perfectly. Each has his own comedic USP: Lee is thin and sombre, Benny short and hard done by, and Jordan is as close as you'll get to a Jack Black without actually enrolling in Rock School.

Their closing showpiece Four Chords is easily as musically smart as vintage Bill Bailey. It's terrific Fringe fun in a Spinal Tap meets Flight of the Conchords kind of way; I enjoyed the show so much I bought the album Scissors, Paper, Rock.

• Until 25 August. Today 10:30pm