Church at Polwarth Gardens

JANE Dixon, from Polwarth, would like to know if anyone can remember the church that was once at the top of Polwarth Gardens. She writes: "I am relatively new to the area, and I have been told there used to be a church where the John Ker Court flats are now. I'm really interested to know why it was demolished and when. Were the flats built straight away?"

MELVILLE Cunningham, from Leith, made contact to explain the history of what was the John Ker Memorial Church, built in 1893 and knocked down in 1984: In 1981, owing to dwindling numbers, the congregation merged with what was the nearbyCandlish Church, onPolwarth Terrace, to form the "Polwarth Parish Church".

A decision was made to demolish the John Ker Memorial Church to makeway for housing. Doris Tulloch, an elder at Polwarth Parish Church, also made contact and explained that while some members of the congregation were sad tosee the demolition of thechurch, the union of the two congregations has been "wonderful".

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