Chess - The Scotsman 21/08/13

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IN an age when chess fans have grown numb to the exploits of adolescent wonders, recently we’ve witnessed some remarkable revivals from stars of yesteryear, such as Boris Gelfand and Mickey Adams.

The latest to see a competitive renaissance is the Peruvian Grandmaster Julio Granda Zuniga, 46, with a string of upset wins at the FIDE World Cup in Tromsø, Norway.

The veteran five-times champion of Peru, who is the oldest player left in the competition – just behind 45-year-old Gelfand and Vassily Ivanchuk, 44 – qualified for the World Cup by winning the American Continental Championship in 2012 and 2013. In Tromsø, he’s been the big underdog in his three matches, but has defied the odds and age barrier to dispatch Armenian Hrant Melkumyan, followed by the Hungarian former elite star Peter Leko, and now the Dutch and World Junior number one, Anish Giri.

Zuniga, who says he’s rescheduled his flight home three times so far, will now meet the number two seed Fabiano Caruana of Italy in the fourth round. The final 16 will be: A Morozevich v E Tomashevsky, F Caruana v J Granada Zuniga, V Ivanchuk v V Kramnik, L Quang Le v P Svidler, D Andreiken v S Karjakin, H Nakamura v A Korobov, M Vachier-Lagrave v B Gelfand, and G Kamsky v S Mamedyarov.

A Giri - J Granda Zuniga

FIDE World Cup, (3.2)

Old Indian

1 d4 Nf6 2 c4 d6 3 Nf3 Nbd7 4 Nc3 e5 5 e4 Be7 6 Be2 0–0 7 0–0 Re8 8 Re1 Bf8 9 Bf1 g6 10 Rb1 a5 11 b3 exd4 12 Nxd4 Nc5 13 f3 c6 14 Bg5 h6 15 Bh4 g5 16 Bf2 Nh5 17 Qd2 Qf6 18 g3 Qg6 19 Bg2 Nf6 20 g4 Nfd7 21 Rbd1 Ne5 22 Qc2 a4 23 b4 Na6 24 Qxa4 Nxc4 25 Qb3 Ne5 26 a3 Nc7 27 Bg3 Qf6 28 Rf1 Be6 29 Nxe6 Qxe6 30 Qxe6 Nxe6 31 a4 Nc4 32 Rc1 Bg7 33 Rfd1 Bd4+ 34 Bf2 Be5 35 Rc2 Na3 36 Rcc1 Bf4 37 Ra1 Nc2 38 Rab1 Be5 39 Rdc1 Ned4 40 Rb2 Na3 41 Ra2 Nc4 42 Kh1 b5 43 h3 Reb8 44 a5 Nb3 45 Rcc2 Nbxa5! 46 Nxb5 cxb5 47 bxa5 b4 0–1