My first car … Kevin McMahon

MY FIRST first car was a Rover Metro given to me by my younger brother after I passed my test. I remember driving through the Cairngorms and almost coming to a standstill on the hill up to Glenshee. Anyone who’s ever been up there skiing will know what I mean.

Once I was leaving Cameron House Hotel on Loch Lomond to drive home after a wedding performance. It was a hot day and I lifted the bonnet to check the water level. On the trip back there was a large bang and my world went completely black. I had neglected to properly close the bonnet and the air had got underneath and slammed it open so hard it smashed my windscreen. I was rather shocked at the time and I phoned my brother (who is better at dealing with these situations than I am) to ask advice. To avoid my blushes with my mum and dad and rest of the family I told everyone a seagull had flown into the windscreen. When I got married last year my brother was best man and to my surprise and embarrassment the whole truth came out. After that day I swore never to use birds in my act...

I do a lot of miles as a travelling performer and drove it into the ground – so much so that I could see the road under my feet when I eventually got a new car. «

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Magician Kevin McMahon is artistic director of the Edinburgh International Magic Festival, which features 30 performers from eight countries. 29 June to 6 July.