BMW 320 most popular car for personalised number plates

BMW owners are most likely to customise their number plates, according to new data.

The BMW 320 is the UK's most popular car for personal number plates
The BMW 320 is the UK's most popular car for personal number plates gathered information from personalised number plate owners in the UK over a period of four months, and the results showed that 29.6 per cent of 300 private reg owners owned a BMW, an Audi or a Volkswagen. The most popular models of these kinds were the BMW 320D, Audi A3 and the Volkswagen Golf.

The data also revealed that white was the most popular colour amongst private number plate owners closely followed by silver and black in second and third.

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In Scotland, Lanarkshire was the most popular region for personalised number plates, with 22 per cent of cars surveyed in that area. Aberdeenshire came next with 18.2 per cent, and West Lothian followed with 12.1 per cent.

Yorkshire was revealed as the UK’s capital of personalised number plates with Sheffield having the most private reg owners in the county. Yorkshire was closely followed by Essex in second and Kent in third showing that owners from the South had just as much interest in personal number plates as those in the North of the country.

Skoda, Chrysler, Lotus and Smart Cars made up the bottom of the league table, with each having only 1 private reg owner each out of the 300 registered private number plates.

The most personalised plates can be found on models made in 2012. Behind the 2012 models it was the revealed that the joint second most likely to have a personalised plate were models from 2007 and 2008, including vehicles such as the Ford Fiesta and the Audi A5.

Speaking on the findings from the data, Jon Kirkbright from, said: β€œMany people consider private number plates as a luxury item so it’s no surprise to find that cars produced by major manufacturers such as BMW and Audi were found to be the most popular choices for owners of private registration plates.”

Some 81.1 per cent of personalised plate owners were male, suggesting that men are willing to invest more on car accessories than women.