Call for national holiday to mark World Whisky Day

Blair Bowman at the launch of World Whisky Day. Picture: Phil Wilkinson
Blair Bowman at the launch of World Whisky Day. Picture: Phil Wilkinson
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THE creater of World Whisky Day says that a national holiday should be created to mark Scotland’s national drink.

Blair Bowman, 23, a student at Aberdeen Univeristy, attracted international attention last year when he launched the event.

The second World Whisky Day will take place this Saturday.

The entrepreneur registered the World Whisky Day web address before heavily promoting the concept on social media.

The idea took with Twitter and Facebook full of mentions from whisky drinkers around the world toasting the day with a dram.

And now the Aberdeen student says that momentum is growing for a national holiday centred around our national spirit. Bowman said: “We have International Beer Day, World Gin Day and World Vodka Day - and I believe that is celebrated with a holiday in Mexico.

“I think that it’s about time we had a day off to mark World Whisky Day here in Scotland.

“I’ve been talking to MSPs like Kevin Stewart in Aberdeen. He is trying to get St Andrew’s Day recognised as an official holiday and he has told me that if he succeeds, World Whisky Day could be the next one on his list.

“I’ve also had three motions appear in front of Parliament and they’ve been signed by loads of MSPs, so I’ve had loads of cross-party support already.”

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