Bridge - The Scotsman 16/07/2013

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Another hand from the World Junior Championships, with Adam Kaplan of the USA in the Youngsters (Under20) semi-final against Israel. Both teams reached slam, and both Wests led the singleton spade.

The Israeli declarer won, cashed the ace of hearts and played three rounds of clubs, ruffing. She returned to hand with the queen of hearts and ruffed her last club to reach this position:

How to return to hand to draw the last trump? She tried ace and another diamond, but East hopped up with the queen to give partner a spade ruff. After cashing ace of hearts Adam played king and ace of clubs, then led his second spade. West ruffed in, but declarer drew trump, ruffed both clubs in dummy and discarded his diamond on king of spades. If West does not ruff in declarer wins king of spades and plays a third spade, discarding his diamond loser to create a safe entry to hand. East’s best defence is a fourth spade, but declarer ruffs high, cashes the ace of diamonds, ruffs a diamond and crossruffs his way home.