Bridge - The Scotsman 12/03/13

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SCOTLAND’S Peggy Bayer (Under 20) team contained two new pairs: Jenny Middleton/ Olivia Bailey and Calum Stout/Tom Browning.

They were joined by the experienced Jun Nakamaru-Pinder (playing captain) and Stewart Pinkerton. It is encouraging that enthusiastic groups of Juniors are appearing all over the country, thanks to the work of Junior Co-ordinator Jenny Cooper and her many helpers.

What should South do over 1H? The Irish Junior Camrose player thought his hand too strong for a simple overcall, and started with a double. West raised to 2H, and East bid game. Now South felt the urge to show his long suit and bid 5D. This contract is fated to lose the ace of hearts and two clubs, but East could not know that, and took out insurance by bidding 5H. South led the ace of diamonds, ruffed. Frazer Morgan tried to enter dummy to take the heart finesse. He led queen of spades, hoping South might duck, and put the king on it; a nice play that failed when North turned up with the ace. South was marked with the remaining high cards, so Frazer won the club return with the ace and laid down ace of hearts. When the king didn’t drop he was one down.

In the other room Yvonne Wiseman overcalled 2D – the hand is strong, but she expected to get another chance to bid. When her brother, Ralph, raised freely to 3D she tried 3NT, a fine contract which made easily on a heart to the ace and heart return.