Bridge - The Scotsman 04/07/13

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ON this deal Sheila Adamson of the Scottish Women’s team led a trump against 4S. Declarer won in dummy, discarded a diamond on the winning hearts, and tried a club to the king.

Sheila took the ace and led a second trump, and the contract failed: declarer made one club ruff, but had to lose two clubs and a diamond.

Declarer might consider that when East does not even think about winning the ace of clubs on the first round she probably does not have it. He makes his game by ducking the first club. He wins the second trump, ruffs a club, returns to hand with a ruff to draw the last trump, then plays a low club. When the ace appears he has two club tricks to go with five spades, two hearts and a ruff.

Deep Finesse always defeats 4S: he leads a low diamond so that East can cash two diamonds before playing trump. Interestingly, the contract cannot be defeated if North is declarer.

Cashing the king and ace of diamonds establishes the queen.

If the defenders now pay trump declarer can organise a club ruff, establish diamonds with a ruff, and enter dummy with a heart to cash them. If they play hearts to remove dummy’s entry declarer establishes clubs with two ruffs.