Book detailsdevelopment of north east town

New town developer Elsick Development Company has launched a new book which sets out the inspiration and vision for, and development of, the new town of Chapelton, while shining a light on the birth of a new north east community.

The new book deals with the thinking behind and development of the Chapelton community.

Set five miles south of Aberdeen on 840 hectares of rolling farmland, Chapelton is one of the UK’s largest new settlements and in time it will include up to 8,000 homes sitting shoulder to shoulder with shops, schools, healthcare, employment and parks.

Chapelton aims to break the mould of 21st century development. The book, ‘Chapelton: The Making of a Town’ relates how, inspired by Scotland’s rich history of town planning, it is combining ambitious social aims and vernacular design to create an aesthetically rich, community-centric place that counters the prevailing pattern of single-use housing estates.

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The Duke of Fife, Elsick Development Company director, said: “When you consider the town will have more than 8,000 homes on completion it’s clear that we’re just at the start of our journey.

“That said, we’re proud of the community which has already been established within the town occupying more than 150 homes and enjoying a nursery, bistro and beauty and hairdressing salon.”

The book details the new settlement’s beginnings, its objectives and the challenges that have accompanied its development.

‘Chapelton: The Making of a Town’, is available now from Amazon.