Bones of a book deal for Jake, 11

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A SCOTTISH schoolboy who has amassed a collection of 1,500 bones has been offered a “substantial” worldwide book deal to write about his archaeological adventures.

Jake McGowan-Lowe, 11, has already made a name for himself through his ­exploits in finding animal remains in woods and glens near his Perthshire home.

While most boys his age are more interested in computer games or football, the youngster has spent the past five years gathering his collection – which includes 150 skulls displayed in his bedroom.

Now Jake, from Braco, has landed a publishing deal following the success of his online blog about his hobby, which attracts 10,000 visitors every week.

Jake’s Bones will be released by TickTock – part of the Octopus publishing group – next year and is aimed at children of primary school age to encourage them to take up amateur osteology for themselves.

The 64-page book has been more than six months in the making. It will use a cartoon version of Jake as a narrator to tell readers about different types of ­animal bones.

Jake, a pupil at Braco Primary, said: “I said to my dad when I was just eight that I really wanted to write a book about bones to help people identify any that they stumble across.

“So it came as a thrill when I was actually offered the chance, and I am excited to think about my name on the cover.”