Art project turns Scotland’s landscape tartan

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A TEAM of artists have used some of the latest techniques and technologies to drape the Scottish landscape in a vibrant tartan pattern.

The project - called Turning Scotland Tartan - was conceived and commissioned by Edinburgh based event company mclcreate, and carried out by a group of artists dubbed the Projector Club.

Image from the Turning Scotland Tartan film. Picture: Contributed

Image from the Turning Scotland Tartan film. Picture: Contributed

After months of design, preparation and practice using 3D projection techniques, the group travelled to Leyden Farm in West Lothian to put on their show.

Despite encountering a dreary Scottish September evening, everything went according to plan and Projector Club was able to capture some stunning visual images which they put together in a film.

With the independence referendum just fading in the country’s collective rear-view mirror the quintet - made up of artists TrenchOne, Elph, Purshone, Mike Guest and Jennifer Austin - felt it was the perfect time for the project.

Projector Club released a statement exclaiming: “This project stands for all that’s vibrant and fresh about today’s Scotland, while paying homage to the history that has made us who we are.

“We wanted it to say that whatever happens, Scotland has a rich past and a bright future ahead.”

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