Apple product recall: adapters put owners at risk of electric shock

The tech giant has rolled out a voluntary product recall after issues with the older adapter have caused concern.

The company has voluntarily announced a product recall after issues with adapter have arose (Picture: Shutterstock)

Apple has announced a recall of UK plug adapters after confirming that they can break and cause electrical shock.

The tech giant has acknowledged six incidents with the adapters that have occurred worldwide.

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What’s the danger?

Apple has stated that “in rare cases” the adapters can break open.

This means that owners are at risk of electric shock if they then touched the metal component of the device.

Which plugs are affected?

The three pronged plugs sold between 2003 and 2010 with Apple’s Mac computers and mobile devices are the ones affected by the recall.

They were also sold as part of the Apple World Travel Adapter Kit.

How can I tell if my plug is dangerous?

The adapters affected by the recall are white wall plugs with three-prongs. They have a slot on the back of the plug where the adapter would go. Affected plugs have no letters on the slot.

New adapters are white with grey on the inside and are not part of the recall.

What if my plug is affected?

Apple is asking customers with affected plug adapters to stop using them immediately. Owners of at-risk plugs can exchange their adaptors at an Apple store or authorised Apple service provider for free.

The serial number of the device that the plug came with will be needed in order to verify the Mac, iPod, iPhone or iPad that the adaptor came with.