Aldi is selling a bargain pizza oven for £39 - here's how to get one

The standard British response at the sign of even just a tiny amount of sunshine is to whip out the traditional barbecue and get some sausages and burgers cooking.

Aldi is selling a bargain pizza oven for only 39 (Photo: Shutterstock)

However, thanks to an incredible bargain from Aldi, Brits will be able to replicate the feeling of being in the Italian Riviera at home this summer - until it starts to rain, at least.

Outdoor pizzas

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Pizza ovens can be incredibly expensive, with a Jamie Oliver branded oven costing an eye-watering £1,750.

But Aldi have made making margheritas and capricciosa in your own back garden affordable with a new product.

The supermarket is selling a pizza oven designed to slot on top of your normal barbecue for only £39.

The product specifications claim the oven can be used on gas, charcoal and masonry barbecues and can fit pizzas of up to 12 inches inside, cooking them in 10 minutes.

Made of ceramic stone and a stainless steel interior, Aldi say the oven is "a sure fire way to keep everyone happy".

What are the other features?

The oven is light and portable and is ready to cook pizzas in 10 minutes.

It can also be used for searing meats and fish, baking cookies and flatbreads, with a temperature gauge and no assembly required to work.

The pizza oven will go on sale tomorrow (4 April) but is available for pre-order now on the Aldi website.