Album review: Jessie J: Who You Are

Jessie J: Who You Are Island, £13.99 **

HAVING scooped both the BBC Sound of 2011 and Brits Critics' Choice honours, success would seem assured for Jessie J. But just to be on the safe side, her debut Who You Are covers all the tried and tested commercial territory: mainly a slick, generic imitation of American R&B divas Rihanna, Alicia Keys, even Mariah on the fussy, twittery Casualty Of Love, blended with the obligatory hip-pop stance. Credit to her for trying to send The Kids a responsible message on the single Price Tag – that will nestle nicely on their iPod playlist next to the usual covetous, sexist R&B claptrap – but elsewhere she is more interested in tiresome vocal showboating than communicating anything truthful.