Album review: Dead Boy Robotics, Dead Boy Robotics

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Here’s some enthralling electronic music from Edinburgh, the trio of Gregor McMillan, Mike Bryant and Paul Bannon producing some quite stunning modern songs.

Dead Boy Robotics have a metallic snarl and sophisticated European sensibilities, and make an anthemic noise fit for festival fist pumping or filling sweaty club dance floors. The densely textured harmony vocals are tribal and intense on Symmetry Of The Elusive Wolves or displaying barely contained fury in flashes on As Children We Fear The Dark Parts 1 & 2, the single Ever, and the machine mash up of Danger Diamonds.

The band evoke the likes of 1980s innovators Hard Corps from France, the Fon label out of Sheffield, or Lowlife out of Grangemouth, while sounding impossibly young and fresh. Current single Gatherer On The Threshold is a delightful collision of melodic ideas overlaying some savage percussion, with a sci-fi monastic flavour, while Do You Know Your Exits is borderline power pop.

DBR have the attack of Intergalactic-era Beastie Boys, without being so brattish about the beats. Both epic and economical, this is the soundtrack for heroics and esoterics – just listen to Oblique Parts 1 & 2 to hear for yourselves. Scotland is bristling with new modern groups, and this trio have what it takes to make their mark and leave a lasting impression.



Dead Boy Robotics


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