Aisle 16: Powerpoint


PRODIGIOUSLY talented, unapologetically ambitious and bullet-proof confident, I can guarantee you’ll be hearing a lot more of Aisle 16 real soon.

These three poets, Luke Wright, Ross Sutherland and Chris Hicks, plus nuisance letter scribe Tom Sutton, are all early twentysomethings with a die-trying desire to get on television. And with their mixture of acerbic verse and carefully managed visuals, they may just succeed.

Structuring their show like a pumped-up motivational seminar, the four take turns reciting aggressive mantras on the inanities of reality television, asymmetrical haircuts and pedantic art galleries, advocating in the strongest possible syntax chugging coffee, finding your type font and meat, glorious meat.

Why? Because Aisle 16 are winners. WINNERS! And with their Powerpoint presentation of random bar charts and seething new order rebellion, they seek to bludgeon you into believing that you are too, pumping your palm in handshake as you stagger blinking and confused from their sensory overload.

So it’s all a bit much, but probably worth a second visit as the scattergun lyrics are cutting and subtle when not over-shoehorned into the ego parade format.

You’ll either love Aisle 16 or fantasise about punching them, but there’s no denying their unique verve.

Until 30 August.