Video: The most interesting stops on Edinburgh’s Royal Mile

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As one of the most famous streets in the world. The Mile doesn’t disappoint when it comes to unusual tales of its past.

The Royal Mile is the literal and metaphorical link connecting the old and new governance in Scotland.

Plenty secrets are locked away on Castlehill. Pic: Ian Georgeson

Plenty secrets are locked away on Castlehill. Pic: Ian Georgeson

Up on top of Castlehill sit’s Edinburgh Castle, high above the Old and New towns below. At the other end, Holyrood houses the most important decision makers in modern Scotland.

You would think a road that connects these two great powerhouses would have a few tales of its own and you’d be right, of course.

In the video above, we start up on Castlehill inspecting the witches’ Well near the castle gate.

Next, we investigate a curious carving thought to be left by a jacobite soldier preparing for war and on to the Thistle Chapel, in the sanctum of St Giles Cathedral.

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We explain why The World’s End Close has very little to do with armageddon and everything to do with money, but not before discovering the original city limit at the foot of High Street.

We only made it as far as St Mary’s Road, so be sure to let us know if you’d like us to revisit Canongate and Abbey Strand.