Ten of Scotland's most haunted hotels

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With their luscious green gardens, seemingly endless banqueting halls and countless bedrooms it is unsurprising that many of Scotland's best-known castles are now luxury hotels. But have some of their previous occupants, who have witnessed the colourful and sometimes gory elements of their past , remained to haunt the hotel guests that now frequent their former homes? Here we take a glance at some of the country's hotels noted for their supernatural sightings.

Borthwick Castle, near Edinburgh

This 13th century castle is said to be haunted by two ghosts.

The first is a young servant girl who was killed along with her illegitimate child who would have grown up to be heir to the family title.

An accountant is also said to have been burned alive at Borthwick for embezzlement.

Throughout its history there has been many famous guests including Mary Queen of Scots who spent her honeymoon at the castle.

Website: Borthwick Castle

Sheildhill Castle, Biggar

A grey lady has been spotted by guests haunting the corridors of Sheildhill.

It is believed she was a previous occupant of the house who fell in love with a commoner.

After her aristocratic father forbade the match it is said she committed suicide.

A man dressed in a butler's uniform has also been spotted in the former staff quarters of the hotel.

Sheildhill belonged to the Chancellor family who lived at the castle for 750 years before it was converted into a hotel in 1959.

Comlongon Castle, Dumfries and Galloway

It is said that this 14th century castle near Gretna is haunted by Lady Marion Carruthers who, along with her sister, inherited her father's wealth.

She is understood to have committed suicide rather then be forced into marriage with Sir James Douglas, whose family had an eye on her father's estate.

As a suicide, Marion was not given a proper burial and it is now believed she haunts the castle looking for her final resting place.

Website: Comlongon Castle

Airth Castle, Stirlingshire

There have been sightings of a nanny with two young children who are said to have perished in a fire at the castle.

The sound of children playing has been heard in rooms 3,9 and 23.

Guests at Airth Castle have also reported hearing cries and screams from a maid who it is said was attacked by her master.

A dog, with a fondness for biting ankles, is also believed to frequent the hallways.

The Castle was once owned by the family of Robert the Bruce and dates back to the 14th century.

It is surrounded by a 12th century graveyard, 18th century stables and 14 acres of parkland.

Website: Airth Castle Hotel

Norwood Hall, Aberdeen

Norwood is said to be haunted by three spirits.

In 1872 Colonel James Ogston bought Norwood Hall as a residence for his mistress.

Her ghost is said to haunt the estate as is Ogston's while the spirit of his third wife is rumoured to pursue the two.

Website: Norwood Hall

Barcaldine Castle, near Oban

Sir Duncan Campbell has been spotted roaming Barcaldine searching for, it is believed, the man who murdered him.

Barcaldine was built by Campbell in the early part of the 17th century.

The Campbell family bought the castle back in the 19th century after fleeing it a century before.

Website: Barcaldine Castle

Ord House Hotel, Inverness-shire

A female ghostly figure is said to roam the corridors of Ord House at night and sit on the ends of guests' beds in her Victorian nightgown.

She is also famed for removing paintings from the walls.

Ord House was once a home to the Clan McKenzie.

Website: Ord House Hotel

Auchen Castle , Dumfries and Galloway

A young boy has been spotted walking up and down the main staircase of the castle in the twilight hours of the morning.

The castle dates back to 1220 and has had many famous guests staying over including The Beatles.

Website: Auchen Castle

Ackergill Tower, Wick

Ackergill was the scene of many a bloody battle between the Keith and Gunn families.

Legend says that Helen Gunn threw herself from the tower to escape the advances of the amorous John Keith who had abducted her.

She is said the wander the castle in a green dress.

Website: Ackergill Tower

Ardoe House, Aberdeenshire

Ardoe is believed to be haunted by a white lady who lingers around a painting of Katherine Ogston, the wife of soap merchant Alexander Milne Ogston.

The couple lived in the mansion from 1839 and it is believed the ghost is that of Mrs Ogston.

Others have reported that the ghost is a daughter of a former owner who was raped and became pregnant. She later killed herself and her child.