Scotland’s specters: Haunted castles, part 3

A view of Drumlanrig Castle. Picture: Getty
A view of Drumlanrig Castle. Picture: Getty
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CORTACHY CASTLE, north of Kirriemuir, is the family seat of the Ogilvy Clan. The castle is said to be haunted by the ghost of a drummer, but only on certain ominous occasions - they say whenever the drumbeat is heard a death in the Ogilvy family is imminent.

Craigievar Castle is now a National Trust for Scotland property. It stands near Alford in aberdeenshire and dates from the seventeenth century. The Blue Room in the tower is haunted by a member of the Gordon clan who fell from the window there. He was forced to his death at sword-point by “Red” Sir John Forbes. People claim to have heard footsteps walking to the Blue Room, perhaps re-enacting the moments prior to his death.

Crathes Castle, the home of the Burnetts of Leys family for almost four hundred years until it became a National Trust for Scotland property, is a few miles from Banchory. The castle dates from the sixteenth century.

In the oldest part of the property is the “Green Lady’s Room”, the identity of the ghost of the Green Lady is uncertain but it is believed she is a member of the family.

Drumlanrig Castle is a stunniing place, it stands in Dumfriesshire and was built in the seventeenth century by the first Duke of Queensberry. He spent little time there but his family used it for a hundred years.

A headless woman is said to haunt the castle, she walks carrying her head in her hands, how she lost her head is a mystery. Another ghost that walks Drumlanrig Castle is that of a yellow monkey. The beast is very large and disturbing to look at.

Dunstaffnage Castle, near Oban, Argyll dates from the thirteenth century and is now preserved by Historic Scotland. Various ghostly figures have been seen here, including the ubiquitous Green Lady. Her appearances here are said to be omens of notable occurences to come.