Review: A Brief History of Scotland – We Done Loads, Sweet, Grassmarket

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SET in the Garden of Eden-burgh, Scotland, is the Chosen Land. God (who sounds remarkably like Sean Connery) looked over all he had made, and he saw that it was good. Unfortunately, everything went downhill from that point on. Which is pretty much what happens with this production.


Attempting to take a light-hearted look at the history of the country, it starts off well enough with several humorous touches that promise much, before descending into buffoonery that is trite at worst, and just plain silly at best.

Eve is tempted with a deep fried Mars bar. Cain and Abel are Celtic and Rangers fans. Then there’s a trip through time that swerves round royalty, tramples over literature and parks on top of technology – in which Irn-Bru is invented as a wonder fuel but drunk to ease a hangover. A couple of the troupe demonstrate a modicum of acting ability but you know they’re struggling when baring backsides at the audience is seen as fair game to raise a titter.

Until August 24