Quiz: How well do you know Scottish Jacobite history?

How well do you know Scotland's Jacobite past (Photo: Getty)
How well do you know Scotland's Jacobite past (Photo: Getty)
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It has been 272 years since the Jacobite cause was brutally crushed at the Battle of Culloden.

Led by Prince Charles Edward Stewart, Jacobite forces were crushed by the Duke of Cumberland. In a battle that lasted less than an hour the Jacobite cause was over, ending a power struggle that had lasted over half a century.

The struggle had begun following the Glorious Revolution which had seen the deposition of Catholic king James II and VII of England and Scotland, in favour of King William III and II and his protestant daughter Mary II. The term Jacobite takes its name from the Latin for James, Jacob and was attached to supporters of the usurped King James.

From his forced removal, to the Battle of Culloden rebellion boiled over several times as Jacobites attempted to reinstate a Catholic monarchy. Bloody battle and the emergence of several romantic characters resulted.

Figures such as Prince Charles Edward Stewart have inspired poets, writers and even filmmakers throughout the years from Sir Walter Scott to Diana Gabaldon. The latter's Outlander series of novels set in Jacobite era Scotland have evolved into a TV series and reignited interest in the curious chapter of Scottish history.

Take on our fiendishly difficult quiz and see how much you know about Scottish Jacobite history.