If I ruled the world - Julia Carling, television presenter

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Bring back proper food

I’m right behind what Chrissie Hynde said years ago about "vomiting McDonald’s". I hate junk food. If I had my way I’d destroy all fast food outlets. It has had a disastrous effect on the last two generations. But what I really abhor is factory farming. I’ve been vegetarian for over 20 years and don’t mind people eating meat, but I do wish they’d eat good-quality, correctly reared stuff that tastes as it should. My other gripe is tomatoes - unless you grow your own, it’s impossible to get good ones in the UK. Vine-ripened supermarket varieties smell nice, but that’s the vines, not the tomatoes.

Individualise the high street

I’m sick of seeing the same shops on every high street. There’s not one city centre that looks different from any other. I would bring back the village shop and independent shopkeepers. At least that way they would understand what they’re selling. The majority of shop assistants today work part-time, or for six months before moving on elsewhere, and don’t seem to know what they’re talking about.

Keep fox hunting and the royal family

I think we’re losing our sense of tradition in the UK, and probably around the world too. I point my finger completely at the Labour government for this - we’re all trying to become one class, yet we still live in a very class-orientated society. Once tradition is gone, it’s gone. I think we should try to restore the things that make our country unique, whether it’s fox hunting, the royal family, morris dancing or Latin recitals. We can become modern without losing a sense of tradition.

Ban bendy buses

There are some shocking buses in London that are twice as long as ordinary ones - and if you’re behind them in your car, they take twice as long to overtake. I like the proper double-deckers that you can hop on and off and that don’t blow you off the pavement when they turn a corner.

Make sweets gelatine-free

As a vegetarian I can’t have gelatine, but I really love chewy sweets. Not being able to succumb to the pick-and-mix section at the cinema is a source of great upset. Most people assume that vegetarians are really healthy people, but I’m most definitely not.

Teach better manners

This is especially important for children. We shouldn’t entrust everything to teachers, who have a hard enough job as it is. If parents don’t teach their offspring manners, they’ll never know that little things such as ‘please’, ‘thank you’ and ‘goodbye’, things that take seconds out of someone’s life, actually mean an awful lot to other people.

Simplify technology

Why must technology be so complicated? I’m still stumped when I sit at a computer. I would insist that we have phones that phone and cars that simply get us from A to B. It alarms me the way mobiles have so many different texting and photographic functions. Sometimes it seems as if your whole life is contained in a tiny handset.