Google celebrates St Andrew's Day with eye-catching Doodle

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Today's Google Doodle features two dancing thistles as the tech giant celebrates Scotland national day: St Andrew's Day.

The 'Doodle' changes on a daily basis and is typically used to celebrate achievements, people, celbrations and holiday.

Today's Google Doodle celebrates St Andrew's Day (Photo: Google)

Today's Google Doodle celebrates St Andrew's Day (Photo: Google)

Today, users of the search engine can interact with the eye-catching 'Doodle' featuring the country's national flower, and discover more about the feast day of Saint Andrew by clicking the ever-changing Google lettering.

Twitter users have been quick to praise 2018's design, with user @scotlandlouise describing the animation as "possibly the best St Andrew's Day Google Doodle ever".

Another, @HeatherPeebles, said: "Love today’s @Google doodle. Happy #StAndrewsDay one and all."

This isn't the first year the Doodle has been featured: in 2017 a collage of Scottish symbols and icons from the Loch Ness Monster to the unicorn was celebrated in a stunning design.

Why do Scots celebrate St Andrew's Day?

During Malcolm III’s reign, it is thought that the ritual slaughtering of animals for Samhain (a Gaelic festival marking the end of the harvest season and the beginning of winter) was moved to 30 November to ensure that enough were kept alive for winter.

National celebrations of Saint Andrew began around this time - as early as 1034 - but it is only in recent years that the date became a holiday.

Saint Andrew is also the patron saint of Cyprus, Greece, Romania, Russia, Ukraine, the Ecumenical Patriarchate of Constantinople, San Andres Island (Colombia), Saint Andrew (Barbados) and Tenerife.